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Seasonless Makeup

With the change of the seasons and snow about to fall here in Denver, it is tempting to want to trade in the brightening colors of Spring and Summer for the rich and bold tones of Fall and Winter. The beautiful timeless palettes from Honest Beauty, Jessica Alba's new cosmetic line, may have you changing your mind. Jessica Alba is known for her discrete and polished makeup look of full brows, glowing skin, luscious lips and a thick lash line. Now, this is a look to take on for your own!

As a huge fan and monthly "bundler" of The Honest Company, I was beyond excited about the release of this effective yet safe beauty line. This line is truly meant for the day to day woman with easy to use products, realistic day to day colors and a great price point. I feel just as good about applying these cosmetics daily as I do about my non-toxic soaps, lotions and cleaning products from Honest. To view all of Jessica Alba's newest beauty line, check out

With love,

Danica Severance